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Hi I have done my feed back and I think the product is amazingggggggg
Love it lost a stone and 2 lb in 19 days wow thats all I can say xxx  Stephanie


I just wanted to let you know I will be starting my 4th round on HCG using your drops. Thus far I have lost 60lbs in 9 months. Your product is awesome. I'm so glad I finally found something that works for me. Here is my blog paulawhitewhite.blogspot.it

I have been blogging about my weight loss since the start of my journey in April of 2013. I'd love to share my story if you are looking for a new testimonial. Paula W


This is my second bottle i have purchased ...and NO its not that it didn't work first time..... It's because IT REALLY DOES...

Last time I lost over a stone in two wks....and everyone noticed the difference....

I actually only want to loose a few pounds now but hey i live will loosing a stone again.... Its so simple...

you use it exactly as they tell you having the book makes it so easy to focus...and i didn't have the hunger... i slept a lot better, and had more energy.... I've tried other diets before and i get board waiting to see the weight come off i can manage to do more walking and i had forgotten how nice it is to go for a nice long walk on a sunny day ...

Thats really the only exercise i did walking.....i wouldn't recommend ANYTHING unless i seen for myself what these drops do

But As the old saying goes 'It does what it says on the tin' or in this case Bottle....



i have been on this diet using the drops now for two weeks. i was sceptical .but i am very pleased with results. and i was using 1000, calories not 5oocals .i still lost weight .5lbs in the first week and 3lb in the second week .i certainly would reccomend it .i do not feel hungry .of course i would have used 500 cals. if i had needed to lose a bigger weight loss .in a hurry, but, i will certainly stick with these drops ,its so simple to use .i am pleased i tried them .and i would certainly reccomend them ,kath

second review.17/04/2012 i am really pleased with this product, i have lost more weight and have not felt hungry, the clothes i could not wear,now look good on me.
i have reccomended these drops to my friends, who are asking how i lost the weight.



 I have never sat down to write a review for anything before, but really felt i had to on this product, i am estatic with the results i've lost 5lbs and i've only been on these drops for 5 days, yes you have to adhere to a 500 calorie diet but then what person in there right mind would expect to lose weight by diet drops alone....you have to put an effort in to lose the weight, you put the effort in to put the food in your mouth to get where you are,you really need to read up on the Dr Simmons Diet pounds and inches before starting this diet and get yourself into the zone for it to be a success,
before i bought these drops i made sure i liked the restricted diet .....it may be just 500 calories but i haven't felt hunger at ALL i will certainly buying more :))

Update......its 16/5/2012
and i'm still losing weight.



This product really works I am on my 25 day and when I started I was 11st now 9st 12lbs fabulous how it works. No hunger pains at all. Just watch the weight drop off great buzz when you get on the scales each morning and maybe lose 1 lb or 2. Some days you stay the same but don't give up keep going. Its worth it. Easy to use 10 drops a day under tongue( 3 times a day) and keep to the diet plan well try too.
Breakfast coffee or tea as much as you want no milk or sugar tip do not eat pineapple or drink wine as you will put weight on...
Lunch /dinner same thing chose a meat chick/steak/fish and veg one and one piece of fruit research the diet and go for it. Will purchase again. Rate 10 out of 10



A* product I can now fit in my bridesmaids dress if you want to lose weight then buy this product it works.



WOW what a product.. I have tried for so many years to loose weight and then this comes along...SO EASY NO nasty tastes, simple diet plan to do and after 14 days the weight has dropped off im now 8lbs down.. I shall be ordering more and telling my friends all about this...



I have used 2 bottles of this product already and waiting for my third. I have also followed the Cura Romana diet,I have lost pounds and inches particularly around my problem areas ;hips, thighs and upper arms. I feel completely rejuvenated and energised and I would not trade that for anything. Thank you, I would buy this product again and again!



Im on the second day after 2 days loading and i have lost 5 pounds already. Its the best diet ever, feeling good.



After giving up smoking I had to do something about my weight and this has helped. Not yet where I want to be but will get there,I have a lot more energy also and don't really stick to 500 calories maybe that's why its takin me a bit longer.



This is a really great product i have noticed such a big difference

to my mother.... her hips and whole body has shrunk and she is really happy.



I have only been taking this for one week and was really pleased with the results so far, definately recommend, fantastic.



awesome...... fast to get here just trying it out i'l let you know how it goes..... ;)
i know the dr simeons diet works this is cheaper give it a go and let you know....



Was dubious about reviews of diet drops - thought if such a product existed, why wasn't everyone using them ?! But genuinely gobsmacked at ther results - haven't weighed-in to see exactly what i have lost but trousers are looser and my bloated belly is no more !!!!
Great results when used in conjunction with a VLCD.



It does what it says on the bottle losing the weight, without any major dieting. Brilliant.
Always sceptical, but reviews were so helpful. Very pleased with product and will continue using for as long as I need to.



I have been very pleased with this produce I have been using the drops for a few weeks and have lost half a stone along with dieting the good thing is I have not felt hungry or had any cravings for more food after I have eaten very pleased.



I have took lots of things over the years to lose weight but this is the best i have ever had i have lost 2 stone in 2 weeks its a must buy!!!



Skeptical at first but they seem to be working. I do not have my usual cravings. Meals are balanced although small, but seem to be enough to keep hunger away. Would buy again.






I have now used these drops for ten days and have lost 12lbs. I love this product do not feel hungry at all. Dieting has never been easier. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quick weight loss. X



 have done a full course of these and have lost about 18 pounds and all from around my hips stomach and thighs. Also didn't feel hungry at all.



I am 56 yrs young, and started the program in Jan 2012....lost 60 lbs in five months. Took a 2 month leave from the plan and never gained more than 4 lbs eating whatever I wanted...in moderation. Starting up again and have already lost another 7 lbs in 5 days. I hope to be below 200 by New Years...I was 293 when I started this and wearing size 24-26...now a 18 is loose on me. I went to the doctor for the first time since Sept 2011 and he was amazed and very pleased. Thanks!  Your product rocks...Pat
Testimonal..Recieved promptly had a new found friend to suggest to me she uses your product loss tremendous amount of weight..I started 7/7/12 as of today 7/12/12 I have lost 16.8lbs..Thank you will be ordering more... Aqualita
Thanks for your guick reply. I am on day 15 and have lost 13 lbs. Everyone is noticing that I am shrinking so expect more business to follow.... I know this works so I am sticking with what works.  Teresa
I did lose 73 lbs in 66 days.   On a side note I'm so excited that you're now selling the drops by the case.  My family and friends after seeing my results all wanted to start the diet, and this will give us all enough to start and motivate others.
THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! In the last 2 days i have dropped 2.2 pounds. I just LOVE this plan!!
Bless you!
P.S. finally below 200 lbs.!!!  :)
I LOVE your product and have lost 80 pounds over the last 10 months....
I have been trying to lose weight for many years. Have only gained. I am 49 and challenged myself to lose 50 by 50. I am pleased to report that on day #12 I am 14 pounds closer to my goal!! I am amazed at the results and the lack of hunger and cravings. I feel amazing. I am already down one pant size and headed to another. You were recommended by a friend who lost 30 pounds on her first 40 days. Answer to prayer :) Leanne
I started hCG on 8/15/11. I am finishing up my last week of round one and am happy to report that I lost 13 pounds in the first week alone and am up to a 30 pound weight loss over this first course! I was VERY skeptical at first...thought I would just lose water weight and then stall, but nobody has 30 pounds of water to lose! I am thrilled to start maintenance in a few days and then maintain through the holidays. I am planning to do round 2 after my 43rd birthday in January and hope to be back into my size 8s by next spring! As an encouragement, I have 2 teenagers and maintained a weight loss--hard earned--after the birth of my 2nd child and didn't put on weight again until I found myself pregnant with baby #3 shortly before I turned 40. If I can be losing baby weight at 42, so can you! It really works!!!! I'm not a skeptic any longer!
I've lost nearly 8 inches around my waist since starting the hCG....with NO situps!!
I just wanted to let you know I love your product. I started the HCG in May of 2010. I have lost 160 pounds so far. Thank you so much.
That is so great! I am so excited to get started, I can't wait for my drops to arrive. My sister in law turned me on to you and we are both going to do it together. She already lost 15 lbs.
Melissa D.
Dear Yvonne,

Thank you so, so much for your wonderful product!  I have used it several times, as have a couple of my friends, and we have all had great results.  I love that the price is right, and it's homeopathic.

I also want to congratulate you on your wonderful, wonderful customer service.  Your responses have always been quick, and I've always been satisfied.

Keep up the good work!

Marlene N., New Jersey
I have recently purchased your hcg drops and i have lost 10 pounds in 6 days
Wow! These drops do work. I lost 16 pounds the first week. I am 56. I have a
hypothyroid and this is the first time that I have had weight loss. So girls
there is hope. Works so very well. Try these for sure.
Thank you, Paula
I would just like to thank you for the speedy delivery of my drops. Living
in Ireland it took only 4 days to get here! Was very impressed with your
service. Thank You very much.

Here's to my third round... Total lost 63 pounds and counting! On P2D11...
total lost this round.... 13pounds... Im over the moon. I feel great on
these drops..

Warm Regards

Thank you for responding so fast. I love your product and have sent many people to you. Love HCG I have lost 77 lbs so far. Looking to lose about 100 to 120. Thanks again

Sister lost 97 - on it 2x's
Daughter lost 17 - on it for 21 days (only wanted to lose 15)
Friend lost over 70
Another has been on it 2 weeks and lost 15
There are a few more that have lost 30 - 50 only going on it once or twice.
(Note: Mary buys hCG by the case since so many people want the HCG she uses.  Mary lost 70+ pounds)  
I just had to share my results. I can believe my eyes, I started the drops
on 4/1/11 and down 6 pounds as of 4/5/11. Cheated a little, but mostly stuck
to the diet guidelines. I know its usually easy to lose 10 pounds, so I just
hope it continues to come off, until I reach my goal. Will keep you posted.
Karen T
Thank you that is great.  I have lost 25 pounds, and I am so happppyyyyy.
I really love your HCG!! I did the HCG Protocol for 21 days and lost 20lbs.
I was going to continue for 42 days but ran out of drops. I went to our
local mall as I knew they were selling HCG Products. I bought some HCG
Pellets this time because their drops had alcohol in them which I didn't
want. I tried these pellets for 1 week and gave up. They were not the same
at all. I felt hungry all the time and did feel good like I did with your
drops. So now I'm doing Phase 3 now for 21 days and then I will purchase
your drops again and continue with my weight loss journey.

Thank you very much for making a wonderful product I can depend on.

Would like to order. Got it through a friend and have lost 14+lbs in 21
days! Yea!!
I bought your unflavored HCG with alcohol thru Amazon and I did manage to
lose 23lbs in 20 days, I was very happy.
Thank you so much!
P.S.  I have lost 74 pounds in 14 months and have turned many friends onto
your product.
Hi, Im so happy about your product.  I recommended your website to 3 other friends, 2 of them already placed their order.  I have already lost 11.5 lbs in 11 days :-)so I can not say enough, but that I'm almost at my goal of 130 lbs, Thanks Yavonae
Okay, if you are a mom with 15lbs to lose from baby, read this. I was skeptical, I stuck with the diet & it worked! I did not cheat, except a few glasses of wine and lost 16 lbs in 21 days. I'm on Phase 3, 21 days of no starch and sugar, but since I am used to it, its not that hard. I had tons of energy and was really happy. Not eating much is more mental than physical on this diet.
Thank you for an expeditious reply.  Know that I found your site via word of mouth and I have heard NOTHING negative about your product/drops.  Expect to keep me as a client (until I reach goal at best ;) ) ....
Product arrived quickly Ive been using this for 15 day along with Dr.Simeons "Pounds & Inches" Diet Ive lost 12 lbs already still going strong. No hunger or cravings Ill order from here again :)
Second time ordering this stuff. It really works as long as you follow your plan. When off of it, I maintained my weight (eating not so great foods) within 2-3 lbs. If you're looking to lose weight quick, this is the way to go. I recommend this to everyone I know! (40 lbs..2 months!)
Hi  there, I've purchased 2 hcg bottles from you guys a month ago and my wife
and I have lost 30 pounds each! I've been telling my friends about your site
and tell them to only order from you...
I have lost 93 lbs.  I haven't weighed this for at least 30 years.
Thank you so much.  Nancy
I just wanted to thank you for this great product. I really did not think it
would work but i tried it anyway. I was told to do three loading days. I
only lost 1 lb during the three days, but i am currently on day 6 (day three
of the vlcd) and i have lost 9.6 lbs. I am averaging at least 2 lbs a day so
far. thank you so much again.

I wanted to update you on my weight loss success with your product. I lost
30 lbs over the summer. I did a 6 week session and then after the maintenance
phases I did another 3 week phase. I have now stayed withing 2 lbs above or
below my last weigh in weight for the past 4 months. I have NEVER maintained
any weight loss this long before. This product works!!! I am going to do
another 3 week phase as soon as fresh strawberries are readily available
where I live to take the last 10 lbs off. Thank you for such a wonderful
product. Mandy
This has been so highly recommended...please send ASAP so I can get results too!!!
The bottle came wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by packing peanuts in a box. The product is awesome and the seller was very accessible. I would definitely recommend to all!
This product was delivered in a very timely manner and I am pleased with my results from using the product by adhering to the protocol guidelines. I lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks and am very happy!
Hi Yavonae,  I am sooo happy today and I thank you from bottom of my heart :)   Let me share my weight loss till now...

starting weight - 58.5 kg (129 pounds)

load days - Dec 3rd and 4th

Dec 5th - 58
Dec 6th - 57.5
Dec 7th - 57
Dec 8th - 56.9 kg
Isn't it great:::)   Mistake i did was not doing load days earlier and also having milk in my tea. As soon as i did both these things, cutting milk out and doing two load days....results started showing.  I am going to order more...i am really happy.  What i am gonna do is tell these good results to all....starting with a friend Jan who is very much involved in weight loss in women and who gives advise to 100s of women around the world.  Also, i wanted to know if you are thinking of opening a franchise in India...i would really be interested.

Lost a lot of weight- 30 lbs in 40 days. My co-workers are trying the drops now. I have already ordered two more bottles for my husband and I to start the diet again.
Great, fast service. And the drops work! I've lost 19.4 lbs and I am on Day 20 of my diet!
Speedy shipping and receiving. I have been excited to use something that works without harsh side effects. I will order another bottle form this seller as soon as I need it!
I saw and felt healthy while taking the drops and lost weight I am giving the rest to my sister to try. She is a bit overweight and I think she will love it.
This HCG is awesome! I was skeptical at first because they're sooo much cheaper than what I get from my doctor. These drops are working slightly BETTER than the injections & the sublingual drops I was on from my doctor!  I've lost 17 lbs in 20 days including the gorge days and am feeling energetic, happy, and thin :) The website is outstanding & has some great recipes. Shipping is very fast & they did an excellent job packaging!  The bottle came wrapped in padding in a small box of packing peanuts.
These drops do what they say they will. In 21 days, I lost 18lbs - very little hunger and tons of motivation because you see the lbs melting away daily. I had a friend who ordered a much more expensive product and did not see the results I did - she switched to these mid-stream and started losing again.   Dallas Diva
I have been on the HCG diet and successful beyond my belief. In a few days,
I will start the maintenance portion of the diet. I recently ordered the
HGH and it seems to help my energy level.   Karen
 I am on day 16 and have lost 20.5 lbs. Yahoo!!   Ann
Hi, I have had SO much success with these drops that all of my friends are
asking where to get them. Do you have an affiliate program?
Thanks! I am ecstatic with my loss so far. Today is day 12 and I'm down another 1.2 lbs bringing my total loss to 15 lbs! That would be great if we could meet. I'll contact you when it's time to reorder.

FYI- my personal physician is the one who told me about your website after a couple of his patients have had success with the drops. Just wanted you to know.

...I have severe Fibromyalgia and this diet has shown me quite a surprise, my pain level has decreased because of eating no trigger foods, I had no idea food irritated my condition.  So it's a lot of incentive to keep going, no wheat, no sugar of course, I bought some Ezekiel bread and will continue to try and incorporate maintenance with healthy food.  I have lost 15 pounds so far!
Hey its me Diana.  I have been on the yavonae drops for 35 days. I have lost 20 lbs.  I am very excited but little scared about the next 2 phases.  I have cheated some on the first phase but know Icant have any sugar on next phase.  I dont want to gain any weight back.  Everybody tells me I'm shriveling but i still have 40 more lbs to lose.  I plan to start another round after phase four and wish I could lose more on the next round.  I probably would have lost at least 5-7 more lbs if I had not cheated some.  I am very excited though.  I have to admit I was sceptical about the homeopathic drops, but I am so thankful to God that your drops were the real deal.  I have always struggled with being fat.  I may have a chance for the first time in my life to be thin.  I'm excited about taking my 8 year old swimming next year.  I would never wear shorts in the past let alone a bathing suit.  That's my goal anyway.  In the beginning when I didnt think I could do it; I would weigh myself and saw that I had dropped 1.6 lbs every day the first week and thats with doing phase 1 , 2 days before TOM came.  WOW!  Thank you so much.  I will keep in touch. Diana
Hi. I am ordering 6 more bottles for the office. We have had so much success with this. I lost 13 pounds and others are up to 15, not actually done with it yet...
My first time with HCG I lost 27 pounds. Startin off at 177 pounds Yes a
mother of 5 childern. YES!!! I have been pregant for the last 10 years.
Either I was pregant or nursing each child to 18 months. You can only imagen
how it felt to know the baby season is over and now I have my body back. I
am at 150 maintaining 150 for the three week break. I am getting ready to go
for my second round with the goal of 20 pounds to loose. I am confidient and
excited to enjoy my body again. Thank you!!!!

First, I would like to say that your product actually works and is
everything you say it is. Anyone I have referred to you to buy your drops
says the same thing...it works !!
 My neighbor Ed (on ***********, Tamarac,FL) ordered the orange flavored drops and has
lost 11 lbs with the drops. I had lunch with a couple of his car paint and
body coworkes and they have ordered drops coming from the Ft Lauderdale area
with 333.. type zip codes. They are all losing weight too !! I even had my
neighbor Millie (*********, Tamarac,FL) just get her 3 bottles
yesterday. And my son and girlfriend ordered 3 bottles from their Fleming
Island, FL address. The drops have worked for me and I have worked for you.

Thanks JOHN T
Thank you so much Yvonne for your fast reply:) I am so glad it isn't supposed to test +...  I just put a dropper full on the end of the pregnancy tester!

I have have really good results for only wanting to loose 12-15 pounds!!!  I am starting day 12 today and I have lost 9.8 sw and 11.6 lw:) I had to order another bottle yesterday because I uptd the dose ...  Kim
I ordered this product from Yavonae because of so many 4-5 star's!!! I give this product a 4 star as well.I didnt loose as much as those that ordered the kits and HCG seperate BUT, I have lost 10 pounds and 5 inches in 26 days using this HCG!!!! I am hooked and I so love the results. This is a great start for any first time HCG'ers IT REALLY WORKS!!! I will be definately reordering through this seller. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! THE Customer service is A+ too. I received my product very quickly. Any questions I had I always got a response from them right away. I SAY GO FOR IT ANYONE THAT IS SKEPTICAL DONT BE! I was concerned about side affects there was NONE! I am most times very sensitive to any kind of meds, over the counter anything, I had no negative reactions from this product. ITS ALL GOOD!! I am devoted to me again thanks to ths HCG. I am devoted to healthy eating and a healthy life style. I look so good!!!

THANK YOU YVONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I OWE IT TO YOU AND HCG!!!

I really love this product.
I was overweight by a couple of pounds.
This product helped me lose 17 pounds total.
My starting weight on the diet was 178 and my ending weight was 161.5.
My weight now is 163-164.5. You just have to make sure you don't cheat on this diet.
My friend lost over 20 pounds. I really really recommend this product. After you take the drops you have to make sure you stay committed to keeping the weight off. But the Yavonae hcg diet drops is a great way to jump start a new lifestyle of being fit and happy. I would recommend the Yavonae hcg alcohol free diet drops.
The bottom line is everyone can argue that any low calorie diet can reduce
pounds, but the question remains..why is this so different. Every diet I have done in the past consisted of low calorie and high exercise to achieve weight loss and usually takes about six months! With the HCG, I did not experience hunger or
loss in energy! I am on on 18th day of the HCG/VLCD plan and have LOST
19.8lbs...yes...19.8lbs! I am loving it! I was 207lbs on 8/3/10 and now I am 186.7lbs! The amazing part is that I went from a size 14 to a size 10, the inches
is what is amazing! I have lost 20lbs before but never saw such a huge change
in my clothes! I have 60 more pounds to go and I am excited!
I started hearing about HCG on a low carb forum and it sounded too good to be true but I was intrigued. I searched the internet for info and downloaded Dr. Simeon's ebook. There were a couple people at work that did it (one did injections and other did drops) and had great results, so I decided to give it a try. The drops arrived very quickly so I was able to get started within a couple days! I didn't have much to lose and lost 8.5 lbs in 20 days. After two weeks I was nearing goal (and started feeling more hunger than before), so i started increasing my calories by eating a little more protein and veggies at each meal, and still lost a couple more pounds! Usually when you get to the last few pounds on a diet, weight loss slows down because your body is fighting to keep things the same. I have never lost weight so quickly. I am finished with the drops now and am moving onto the next phase, which is eating low carb and I am committed to following Dr Simeon's protocol so I keep the weight off for good.   Sally
I was thrilled to get my order so fast! Only 3 days! I have been on the drops for 1 week and have already lost 9 lbs!
I tried to stay on 500 cal per day and it work great. I lost 10 lbs fast now I am on the second bottle.
thank you for fast shipping
i weighted 290lb (male 5.8 height) and i started the low calorie diet with HCG but i didn't know about 2 fat load days,i am losing weight rapidly, now at 4th day i have lost 10 lb so far.... thank you
Yavonae IS AWESOME!! I have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches!! I emailed a couple of times with questions and suggestions Yavonae responded right away!! great product for 1st time HCG'ers!!
The product arrived in time! It is great and I don't think of food much!! 12 days on the 500 cal per day part and down 16.5 pounds (two days slowed me down due to family outings and not being able to eat exactly). You cannot stray from the diet! I hope to lose 40 more in the next 27 days to meet my goal of 55 lost on this round! I turned friends on and they are going to purchase. Good luck!!
Very fast shipping. I used the drops before and they worked great. I lost 32 pounds. That was about 8 months ago. I recently gained almost 10 pounds from over indulging in fatty foods while I was on vacation. So I'm going to do another round. Just remember you must follow the diet exactly as it says or it may not work. You must be strong willed to stick to it but the results are worth it.
Great stuff. It works if you follow the prescribed menu. "Apple day" for a stall in loss does work too!
The product really works!! Without this I wouldn't be able to control hunger and cravings.
Just wanted to say that both my girlfriend and I have been on the diet for 2
weeks and although we have not been able to follow it so strictly due to our
life style...we have both lost weight. I have lost 11 lbs and can see my abs
lines showing up. She has lost 8 lbs and she notices that her pants fit
better. So...we are ordering more !!!! Thank you for the product !!!!!  John
and Danielle
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy I decided to take the
leap on this diet! While stalls and small losses are disappointing, I am on
day 22 of the low calorie portion and I have lost 21.2 lbs! My grandma and
little sister are both very interested to start now as well! A friend of
mine introduced me to the idea when she had great weight loss (though not
ALL of it was from hcg, a majority of it was). I would really like to see
that non-flavored no-alcohol 3x per day back up, that's the one I've been
taking and I don't like cherry or orange flavoring. Thanks for offering a
great product at such an awesome price! Even if I don't lose more weight
this round, 21 is so much better than I would have lost otherwise! :)
I lost 15 pounds in 20 days before taking a break while traveling. I'm just getting back on track today and am positive I can lose another 10-15 in this round. The first week was a little rough, but I made it through (drink lots of water!) and after that, the slight hunger and headaches do subside, the food allowed feels like just enough. It takes commitment, but I truly believe these drops work and I will recommend them to everyone I know!
I was so skeptical when I bought these drops, but my friend talked me into doing the diet the same time she did. I am a former college volleyball player and coach, so I have a good understanding of nutrition and how to lose weight, but diet and exercise wasn't working for me. I thought I would die of starvation on the 500 calories and would never make it through the program. I am so glad I tried the drops! I lost 15 pounds even though I did not follow the diet to the letter and had some cheating. I am just now finishing 6 weeks of maintainence and still have not gained any of the weight back even though I have added some carbs and sugar back into my diet. Everyone that sees me has commented on how much weight I have lost...especially because it is really noticeable in my face. I didn't have any side effects other than a slight headache the first week. I do wish I had done a better job of loading in the beginning because day 1 and 2 after the loading were rough. I am now buying drops to start my second round to lost the last bit of weight. My friend has also kept off the 16 pounds she lost, and her mom has kept off the 40 pounds she lost more than 2 years ago! My advice is to try this and if for some reason it doesn't work for you, you are only out a small amount of money!
AZ Volleyball Girl
I don't usually write reviews, but I read tons of them before purchasing a product. I cannot believe there aren't more wonderful reviews for this product so I wanted to add one more for those of you who are unsure. I heard about the injectable HCG first and was just not interested. The drops were cheap so I figured what the heck. I'm not an easy sell and wasn't expecting any major miracles. I was cautiously hopeful and figured I'd see how it went. I had co-workers on the HCG drops and had seen them melting before my eyes, so I knew there had to be something to it. I got the drops followed the instructions exactly and they worked just as promised. I lost about 1/2 a pound to a pound most days. Men make out like bandits on these drops and often lose a pound or two each day. Women lose a little slower but still faster than anything you have ever tried. After I started the drops I found that there were tons of clinics and counselors making a fortune off these exact same drops plus information and free weigh ins. If you can read and have access to the internet you do not need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get the exact same results. They know that people can be gullible and assume a high price tag means it works 'better'. They also like to scare you into believing if you don't follow their program you are going to buy 'water'. Well Yavonae is not selling water and unless you are in poor health, there is no need for a doctor as the drops are homeopathic. I've read all the naysayers and its clear that they did not read the actual protocol for the diet. My favorite reviewer starts out by saying he and his wife took the drops, but neither followed the 500 calorie diet. Guess what, they didn't lose...duh. It is a very specific diet and it has to be followed as written and the results will amaze you. People balk at the 500 calories and say it is starvation..its not. If you think of 500 calories as one McDonalds burger then yes that seems like very little for a whole day, but if you eat the right 500 calories you are actually getting a decent amount of food. Lean meat, vegetables and fruit are all low in calories. Its the carbs, fats, and sugars that make your meals so high in calories. A typical lunch for me was grilled chicken breast, a bowl of steamed cabbage, a medium sized apple and a large glass of lemonade. That was not starvation and your body is mobilizing the fat you already have on your body. I know others who are doing a doc supervised injectable HCG regimen. They are receiving 'similar' results. The difference; I paid $39 they paid $800. I lost 21 pounds in 30 days. I'm in the maintenance phase and I can't wait to start another round. This diet will teach you so much about food, and yourself that maintaining will not be hard. They make you crystal clear as to what is making you fat, they help you take the weight off quickly to keep you motivated and it comes off from where you want it (no more deflated breasts when you lose, ladies) and it helps you break your bad eating habits. I've wanted to tell everyone about this diet, but it requires a lot of explaining for people to get it so I don't bother. As for will you gain the weight back. If you go back to eating highly refined foods, tons of high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils etc....yes you most definitely will. However, if you go back to basics..fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, real butter (not margarine), good fats and oils and limited sugar you will maintain just fine. The key is 'cook for yourself' the processed foods they are selling you and the diet soda with artificial sweeteners are what's making you fat and even worse it's whats making you crave more of the same. That's why you can't have just one cookie or just one chip. The industry goes broke if you do. That's why most people drinking diet soda are still fat. I know because that was me. There's my rant. This stuff is worth a try. Its the only thing I've tried that has ever worked. If you don't believe the reviews, check out one of the many HCG message boards where those on the diet trade information and share their stats each day.
I started this diet July 1st of this year and i have already lost 15 pounds!
i love it. i feel so much better. This is the only thing that has ever
worked for me.
Jaymie S.
Great product! I've tried everything to lose weight, and nothing was working. These drops really work!  
A few customers seem to be unhappy with the results of the HCG diet. I can tell you that if you follow this exactly like it says, it will work. Do not panic
if your weight loss is not as quick as others. Some people like to cheat and add other things and that won't work and yes we know that limiting calories will
result in weight loss but not without a lot of hunger and feeling deprived. The drops (or injections) will keep you from being starved. Everyone gets to a
plateau and it seems like your at a standstill but the "apple day" works out great. The weight loss is the easy part. The hard part is not going back to your bad
eating habits once you lose the weight. End your love affair with food! Just have a bite of this and taste that and don't have those heavy meals and you will feel
I am nearing the end of my first cycle of drops and have lost 27 lbs so far!
Vicky S.
I started using the drops right away and got great results. I do not have any cravings (usually I gorge on olives and salty snacks), and I am not hungry. I lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks, and dropped 2 dress sizes. I was sceptic at first, but I've found that it really works, even for someone like me who always struggled with weight issues.   Marie H

I purchased 2 bottles from you for my friend last month because she doesn't have access to the internet. She lost 30 pounds in just 3 weeks! I'm impressed & now I want to try it. I also told another friend of mine who will be placing an order with you soon! Thank You.
I have always recieved immediate response from Yvonne . I love the product and I have lost 42 pounds to date . I will continue to do business with her !
I have successfully finished my first course. Overall I have lost 30 lbs. Wow, thanks for a great product. I want to continue as I have much more to lose. ....Thanks for your input,

Paul O.
Thank you so much for your product. I purchased my first bottle of hcg drops 3 weeks ago. As of today (day 22) I am down 20lbs!!! Within the first week of using the drops my co-workers were so shocked at my results that they are all jumping on the bandwagon. Two of my coworkers have been doing the hcg injections and are changing to the drops for their next round!!! I have been enjoying shopping in my own closet!!!
Thanks again,

Mandy   (Prince George, BC Canada)
In all, from the start of your HCG drops last Feb. I lost 30 pounds!!! Still have 9 or more to go!! I will see where I want to be after the 9 that will take me down to 140lbs.

Anyway, thanks for returning my email so promptly! Love the orange flavored HCG by the way! Your product is amazing!!! Don't ever stop selling it!!! Have to order some more!

Wow! That's all I can say no feeding cravings.  I've lost in month 28 lbs.
but more than that 4 inches around my waist.  You feel in control of your
appetite and that's priceless!  Thanks again.
Valentino B.
This is my second bottle. I have given your website to at least 50 people. Check your mailing list for how many orders are going to Pagosa Springs! I lost 40 lbs in 55 days. I want to lose 20 more!
Robert H.

I am very pleased with your product. I am on Day 36 of a 42 Day Program. I
have already lost 55.9 lbs!!! At the end of my 42 days I will still have
more weight to lose. I would want to do another 42 day cycle. ...I am
experiencing no side effects!!! How many times can I repeat the 42 Day Cycle
before going on Maintenance?
I will order more of your products soon!!!

Terrence C. M.
Lost 15 pounds even after cheating...it's legit    Jessica B.

You are welcome.

I have lost about 47 pounds, plan on loosing another 30 over the next two months.

That will put me back down to my old "AF Fighter Pilot" weight.

I have gotten three other folks on your diet also.


Product arrived quickly. Have been using it for a week and so far it is working well. Have lost 10 pounds already! Thank you.
I purchased this to hopefully lose 20 to 30 lbs before going on cruise in June, my niece told me about it and has currently been on it for about a week and now has lost 5 lbs in 3 days! I will start the strict diet starting tommorrow and plan on reponding back to you again with a positive note on how much weight I loss and let you know how good this product works ! Thanks for the speedy service !
Donna G.

Just wanted to send you an update. I'm still losing and maintaining! :0).
I feel great!  Dropped down almost 30 pounds now! :0).

I am not afraid of telling others of this great plan and talk freely
about it.  Since we last spoke I know of 4 others who have ordered from
you and are starting the plan as well.

My husband keeps saying I should be the spokes person for this diet in
NW Arkansas  :0)

Thank you again! I hope all is going well!

Teresa S****
Thank you.... Three more people started the program! Jeff G**** and his girlfriend Stacy and Karen P****! It's really spreading up here in Bentonville Arkansas!
Dear hcgdrops,

Just wanted to let you know (again) about your great product. My friend ordered one a week or two ago (Evelyn W******), and I just bought one today for my other friend. Tomorrow I end my first round, down almost 25, and I'll wait, and order from you again. Thanks for the great customer service. I'll send more friends to you.

- crb******
It really works!!  Once I got past the initial 2 day load, I lost 3 lbs in 1 day. Thereafter I lost 1lb per day. So far I have lost 13lbs and I'm doing well with no sugar cravings. Sugar is my vice. Can't wait until the 43 days is up and summer is here. Great stuff!!!

Lost over a pound a day so far, this stuff works! Great seller, quick shipping =)
Dear hcgdrops,

Hey there, wanted to drop you a line. i got my second order from you today, thanks for the prompt shipping.

Wanted to let you know that the protocol does work. After 22 days, I've lost 16.6 lbs and 8 1/2 inches. From size 18/20 to 14/16 so far. But not done yet.

So thank you for offering this, and at a great price and fast shipping. My friends are noticing, and asking about what I'm doing, and I'm telling them about your pricing and product.


- crb******
Hi Yvonne,
Just wanted to let you know  that these drops where wonderful and I would like to see about ordering some more...if I order them today ....when would I get them?

Thank you,


I am very happy with the HCG drops.

My daughter received the Pounds and Inches from my sister, Karen S*******, via email. My daughter then printed two copies, one for each of us. I thought they would come with my order as was stated on the website but they did not...

I have lost 9 pounds and 4.5 inches in 18 days. I did stray from the plan a few times. Overall I am very happy with the product and am seeing great results. My sister has lost 22.5 pounds and my daughter lost 10 pounds in the first 7 days.

Thank you very much for providing this wonderful product.



Do you have a referral program? I live in Arizona and have told at least a
dozen friends about your product! I will be ordering my second bottle soon,
and you have used me in your testimonial.

A.P/ Thanks Angela

I absolutely love this! I feel so much better. I'm almost down to where I was when I was  
in high school!  Ten more then it's just maintenance.  Lol. :0)
Teresa S.


In 21 days using the drops and following the diet I have lost 21 pounds.  I am an RN with a Masters in Nursing. My wife has been on the protocol for 14 days and has lost 10 pounds.

Savoir, c'est pouvoir
Ron S.


I have done regular hcg previously and I was never sure of the mixing and the dosing, etc. I also was very hungry and got exhausted by the end of the day. I liked the idea of having the dosage controlled and being able to dose several times a day. I have been less hungry and felt MUCH better on this product than on injected hcg! I am extremely happy with it! In addition, I have had direct contact with Yavonae and they are wonderful and have VERY good customer service! I was concerned about ordering this product because it's not one of the ones widely used and it didn't have reviews, but it is the real thing...



9 Pounds in 6 Days!

When I bought the produc there were no reviews, but took a chance. The customer service was great because when i ordered the product it was shipped next day. I have been on the drops/diet for 6 days and have lost 9lbs.

Thank you for a great product.


This Product Works Very Well

I am very satisfied with this seller's service and product. I ordered the hcg from them on Saturday 1-23-10 and it was at my door waiting for me on Monday 1-25-10. I started the very low calorie diet, along with the drops (after 2 load days) on 2-1-10. As of this morning 2-7-10, I have lost 14.5 pounds! I have been following the VLCD to the letter, drinking as much water as I can possibly stand and have been taking 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day to help along the weight loss. I'm able to see that my weight loss has also produced a loss in inches. I'm down 1.5 inches just about everywhere on my body. I will definitely re-order another bottle of hcg from this seller!

M. Smith


I'm Back For More!

Returning customer. This is an excellent product and I am getting great results. So I'm back for more. Thank you Yavonae!!!

The Lounge Lizard


10 Pounds in 11 Days

This is the first time I've tried HCG or even written a review on Amazon. I did a 2 day load and ended up gaining almost 4 pounds, but now on day 11, I'm down a total of 10 pounds. I did cheat on one of those days (chinese food and starbucks) and it really didn't hinder my weight loss that much. I'm vegetarian, so I'm not following the protocol exactly. I'm using egg white shakes as opposed to the meat and some soy products. I know vegetarians lose weight at half the rate as meat eaters, so 10 pounds is great progress. I'm hoping to lose about another 30 pounds. I quit the plan after the 11 days due to the flu and a birthday, so I have gained back about 3 pounds. Already on load day 2 again and hoping for great success!

Nikki R.


The hCG Drops are a God-send.
I only need to lose 20 pounds and after 5 days, I've lost 5 pounds.
No craving, no weakness, no headaches.
Thank you, God, for answering my prayer.
The diet is easier than I could have ever imagined.
Be sure to get the 2 free downloads. (Booklets)



Best Diet Yet!  Skinnier at 61

I've yo-yo dieted over the last few years with little success until now. I'm not hungry, however, I do miss breakfast. The food variety is substantial and just learning discipline in eating habits helps. Product was shipped promptly and packaged to avoid any breakage. Thanks for helping me lose 15 lbs.

J. T.


Promising Product

I've read all the literature on this product and can't wait to start. This is a promising product to help me lose weight.

Orchid Girl


Working on 2nd Cycle

I ordered my second bottle from Yavonae on Thursday March 4th and received it Monday March 8th. So super fast shipment and I am a repeat customer.

My first 30 days I was on the diet, I lost 35 lbs. That's including going through NFL playoffs and Superbowl weekend, which slowed me down quite a bit. After about a month off I will be ready to start back and am excited to see the same or better results.

If you're thinking of buying, do it, simply a fool proof plan.

Jason A.


18 lbs in 22 days

I love this product & the seller is great I have never had to wait more than for days to recieve. It's one of the cheapest around & works great. The booklet that you get along with the product outlines the plan. I have told all my friends about them & will continue to purchase.



Great Product!

Today is day 15 and I have lost 18.5lbs! I have had a few rough days of feeling tired and hungry, but it has been do-able. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time with no success. The diet works and the drops are a life saver.

K. Manson


Great Product and Customer Service is Outstanding!

I purchased this product the 1st of feb. and have already lost 13 lbs in 15 days. It took me a few days to really get in the "zone" and stick to the 500 calories a day, but once you get over the hurdle it really works great! I felt no side effects and it really does keep your hunger in check! I ordered another bottle already cause I want to lose more lbs. (trying for 40=lbs) The customer service from this company was excellent. No problems with getting my booklets (pounds and inches) sent to my email almost immediately after placing my order. I had a couple of questions and they were pleasant and personable when repling to my email. It is rare in this day and time to get such fast and reliable service. And the product came 5 days before they initially said it would come! And where I live fast service is not really something we are used to! Usually have to wait longer than most because I live in a small town way off the grid of normal places! So if you're undecided on the product or company I can tell you firsthand look no further!



Okay, I was skeptical too...

This product does work when used with the protocol outlined by Dr. Simeons. I have lost 12 lbs in 11 days and have not had cravings or massive fatigue. I do hope Amazon will double check what they have listed about it though, this supply is only for 23 days not 40-43. The 4 oz. bottle is the 40-43 day amount. Even though I have not shown fat loss through keytone strips I cannot deny my waist now 2 inches smaller and my overall weight being down so much in just a short period of time. Homepathic is natural, safe, effective and affordable it does not get better than that! I will try other HCG products in the future but right now I have a deadline and will stick with a proven winner, BIG THUMBS UP!!!! Thank you Amazon and Yevonae.



You Never Know Till You Try

Hello, amazon buyers. the other 7 reviews on this plus the many on youtube has me actually interested. I gotta be very interested if it's 5 am Anywho, i rated this a 5 bcus i seen nothing but good reviews on this natural thing, and i am determined to lose 30 lbs i've bin tring everything and the going to the gym is not fun to me, i spend money on exercise machine and i dont use it.. So i'm looking forward to doing this for the time being..,If there's anyone that is debating i've been for a week now... think how fast a week goes by. and if this thing works likes its advertised .. then there shouldn't be no problem..

Koh Coh


It Works!

I was attracted to this item because it is alcohol free. It does contain HCG but the level used for the diet is so small compared to the level found in pregnancy or the once daily injection so testing it with a pregnancy test is pointless and ignorant. I have lost 16.2 pounds in 16 days. Be sure to get the free "Pounds and Inches" ebook with this so you can follow the diet properly. I am loving it!!! Better results for me than the injections I have taken in the past, less hunger b/c you use the drops multiple times a day.

A. Puorro



I am VERY impressed with this seller! I had a mishap occur, Customer Service promptly returned my email and was VERY helpful! I also have ordered 2 more bottles of HCg, for my Aunt and Cousin. I'm excited to be on my way...... to being skinny

Barbara S.


I have been taking your drops for 12 days and I am down 9.5 lbs. and 3 in. off my waist. I would be down more but I have cheated. My birthday was last week so I ate chocolate and Asian food. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me on the phone and answer all my questions. My boss has noticed my loss and has ordered drops for himself and his wife. Also same goes for my best friend she has also ordered drops from you. I just can’t thank you enough you are a fabulous woman and I love that you take time out of your day to answer our questions when we call or you call us right back. I will keep giving out your website to all who ask me how I did it. Thank you so much.  

Kristina H.


...So excited to start diet again lost 28lbs last times in 35 days thats why i came bk to u because last lot was so great

Michelle (UK)


...This stuff works AWESOME!!! Send the paypal request to *******@yahoo.com.

Many, many MANY thanks~~I'm down 24.4 lbs in 34 DAYS!!!




Dear hcgdrops,  

I have ordered 2 bottles of this in the past with GREAT success. (down 14.6 lbs in 17 days!)   I have 7 girls in my office who are anxious to start this protocol.  I am giving them this link and they will be ordering--probably on Friday when we all get paid. :-)

Donna Z.

Thank you Yavonae very much for all your help. I have the HCG Victory toolkit.  Just Soooo excited!!!! Wow! Your stuff is amazing your and your an answer to prayer.  I already lost 3.8 lbs. in just one day!!!!

Julia P.

Have now done business with you several times, always a pleasure. Thank you!  hCG Simeons Rapid Weight Loss Diet Drops Lose 1 lb day

Delightful transaction! Will be back for more. Weight coming off!!!!  hCG Simeons Rapid Weight Loss Diet Drops Lose 1 lb day

The customer service was great because when i ordered the product it was shipped next day. I have been on the drops/diet for 6 days and have lost 9lbs.
Thank you for a great product.

I have done regular hcg previously and I was never sure of the mixing and the dosing, etc. I also was very hungry and got exhausted by the end of the day. I liked the idea of having the dosage controlled and being able to dose several times a day. I have been less hungry and felt MUCH better on this product than on injected hcg! I am extremely happy with it! In addition, I have had direct contact with Yavonae and they are wonderful and have VERY good customer service! I was concerned about ordering this product because
it's not one of the ones widely used and it didn't have reviews, but it is the real thing...


I was attracted to this item because it is alcohol free. It does contain HCG but the level used for the diet is so small compared to the level found in pregnancy or the once daily injection so testing it with a pregnancy test is pointless and ignorant. I have lost 16.2 pounds in 16 days. Be sure to get the free "Pounds and Inches" ebook with this so you can follow the diet properly. I am loving it!!! Better results for me than the injections I have taken in the past, less hunger b/c you use the drops multiple times a day.



Do you have a referral program? I live in Arizona and have told at least a dozen friends about your product! I will be ordering my second bottle soon.
A.P. / Thanks Angela

Hello Yavonae.
I would like to know more details about this hcg product. How does it really work. My friend kristi here in page arizona ordered some of the product from you and lost 80lbs in a short time.

I am trying to refer as many people to you as possible... I will
have them contact you... I so appreciate you getting back to me.
The stuff is awesome!  Much thanks and appreciation     Karla

Just wanted to let you know. Thanks to this product I have lost 65 pounds so far. I've gone from a size 22 to a size 12. I still have 25 more pounds to my goal weight of 130. I'm 57 years old and feel better than I have in years!
I love the HCG drops and have lost 40 lbs. so far and want to lost another 10-15 lbs. I am ordering the drops for me and my daughter. While in San Diego I am getting her started ...Thanks for such a wonderful product!!
Thank you Yavonae for encouraging me not to get into my car and race towards Panera Bread for the couple of brownies. Your right--I dropped 2 lbs. this morning finally after the long stall. My friend who is 150 started yesterday and lost 2 lbs. on your drops!! I told her to email you with updates you so she could be another testimony for your incredible product!